The Physio Practice

What happens when i see a physiotherapist?

Treatment Room
Step 1
Registration and past medical history. We need to get to know you! Your habits, interests, activities and of course the relevant medical history. So we start with a good chat!

Step 2
Physical examination. This is where we will match the symptoms you told us about to the movement patterns of your body. Most of this is hands on and will require us to be able to see your body. You may be asked to remove clothing (fear not your modesty will always be preserved). Please bring clothing you are comfortable in usually a loose shirt and shorts is sufficient.

Step 3
A diagnosis is formed. Yeah! The problem is identified. If further diagnostic information is required the therapist will talk to you about this and help arrange any necessary referrals to

- G.P.'s
- Sports Physicians
- Orthopaedic Surgeons
- Podiatrists
- Sports massage therapists
- Dieticians
- Personal trainers

Step 4
The treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs.

Step 5
Treatment begins. (Click here for the types of treatment methods used at The Physio Practice)
Let the healing process begin!

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